simple jersey design

The 5 secrets of pulling off simple minimal designs

If some of us got the chance to come up with our favourite team jersey, what kind of designs would we come up with? Some of us have killer designs while some don’t even know what to do. The fundamentals of a jersey design remain the same; the only thing that changes in pulling off a simple minimal design is our creative skills and ideas.

From this study, we’re going to look at the secret of pulling off simple minimal designs. You’re going to get equipped with the knowledge you need in making designs and all you need to get your ideas in a template. Let’s take a look at them.

The first secret is brainstorming your design concept; at this point, you figure out what goes into your designs. At this step, you have to put your ideas together carefully. Do not be in a hurry to put your thoughts together, the more time and effort you put into preparing your designs, the better.

Here are some tips on putting together your jersey design;

As you sketch your jersey design, sketch in a way that it comes out in its actual size when printed.

Place the canvas of your design on a plain t-shirt to see if it fits. It must not fill up all the space on the shirt. It’s just to help you get your proportions right. If you’re okay with the design, think of it in other different sizes.

The style of your jersey is the second secret. It is vital because you have to draw up your creative prowess for the jersey design according to the brand that owns the jersey and their target market. If you can put all that information together, then you can put together an excellent jersey design.

The colour combination between the jersey material and the fonts used is the third secret. Even the type of fonts used is also essential; it acts as part of the element of the jersey design. Another critical aspect of the design is the message the colour combination passes. Each shade and tint acts as a medium to show off something concerning your brand.

After putting all these into consideration, you need a graphics designer who could put your designs into visuals. If you don’t have the skill, you can contract someone to come up with the design for your ideas. There are many designers out there that will turn that idea into reality.

Once the designer gets a pictorial view of your concept, evaluating the designs is the next action. You have to go through all their visuals and choose which matches your idea. While evaluating the design, also think of how the design goes in respect to your budget, marketing, and any other technical requirements.

After this, you can get someone to take a look at the designs and tell you their opinion. Their opinion has to pass a message concerning the design and who they think the jersey design suits. Their answers will let you know if the jersey design is in line with your brand and the message they stand for or if you need to go back to your drawing board.

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