evolution of jersey printing


Jersey and t-shirt printing have become popular as almost everyone feels comfortable in a t-shirt. Most people prefer t-shirts as they fit on most occasions, and are comfortable to wear. Although it has become easy to find t-shirt and jersey printing everywhere, it will interest you that there is an amazing history behind it.

The history of printing on t-shirts and t-shirt itself dates back to centuries ago. It took a lot of cultural turns around before it became a cool thing to do and wear. It has a history that speaks of power and influence right from the start.

The Origin of T-shirts

The origin of the t-shirt is an interesting and proud one to associate with. The popular piece of clothing owes its origins to the armed forces. The Navy was the first set of people to put on a t-shirt, and it was introduced to them as underwear. It was handed over to each soldier around the time of the Spanish world war. It was produced for the sole purpose of being an undergarment for the uniforms.

The first piece of t-shirt originated from New York and was called a union suit. It was a basic one-piece white coloured garment that was buttoned in the front. The union suit gained huge popularity among the populace, and textile companies began to jump on the train afterwards. The first textile company to release its version was P.H Hanes knitting in 1902. In place of the one-piece, in came the two-piece undergarment and it still looked much like the union suit but had a shorter length.

Fast forward to 1938, Sears produced their version of the t-shirt and called it a gob shirt. The gob shirt was similar to the modern t-shirt and could be worn as an undergarment, as well as an outer garment.

The first record of the mass production of t-shirts was by the Cooper Underwear Company. The Cooper Underwear Company, just like its name produced underwear clothing. However, it delved into the market to massively produce the t-shirt as an outer garment in an era where all men knew was the normal shirt as the outer garment.

Revolution of T-shirt Printing

In the beginning, t-shirt printing was used for only advertisements. The 70s and 80s came with more popularity for the t-shirt. It had been fully accepted as a means of self-expression and a comfortable piece of clothing. Brands began to see the power that the printed t-shirt held in terms of sales and branding.

Subsequently, major brands started to use printed t-shirts as a form of advertising. The first set of major corporations to jump on the t-shirt wave was Coca-Cola and Disney, and it spread to other companies with shirts that had printing of characters and their logos. TV and Movie-based shirts also came into the market.

In this present era, t-shirt printing has become a popular form of expression. It has now become a form of art through which people tell their story.

Its idea of jersey printing started from this rich history that you have just read. However, nowadays jersey printing has become a common thing, and we have a lot of designers that do not know what it entails. If you want to get the best designs for your jerseys, it is better to patronize experienced heads like the people at jerseydesign.co.uk