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Tips for a Stand Out Jersey

Jerseys are great to own and wear. As a sports lover, a team member, or someone that loves to be part of a movement- it gives you a feeling of inclusion. However, a great jersey design is what further increases the will to put on one. Having a good jersey designer is the first step in creating a great jersey.

Indeed, everyone loves a great jersey. Especially the ones that are limited to a group of people with an identity. We all want to identify with something – it might be a sports team, a corporation, or `any other type of brand.

A jersey shows that you are a team with a common goal, fighting for the same side. However, to appear unique and professional, you need to get a jersey that stands out.

Of course, to achieve all these, you need a good jersey designer. Notwithstanding, you need to be aware of the factors that make a jersey stand out. Here are some tips you need to know if you want to get a stand out jersey design.

Pick the right material

Material choice is important when you want to make a great jersey. Your choice of material depends on the purpose the jersey intends to serve.

For a sports jersey, you should likely opt for material with moisture-wicking technology and one that helps breathability. For a jersey that will be worn in cold conditions, you will need to go for thicker material texture.

Customise your Jersey

One of the best feelings of being part of a team is to be aware that you are recognised. It not only gives a good feeling to team members; it also makes them stand out among the crowd.

Get personalised details imprinted on the jersey, and keep them uniform to maintain the identity of the brand you are representing.

Make the jersey colourful

Every team has a set of colours associated with them. Make sure the jerseys reflect the colours associated with a brand. By doing this, you have created a unique identity for the team.

Before you select the colors, make sure it’s not the same with any other team or brand – as this will help you stand out from the rest.

Let your jersey show your logo

To create a stand out jersey, you need to add your company/team’s logo strategically. The placement of the logo on a jersey contributes to how well it will look.

Employ the services of a good graphic designer

The creativity behind making a jersey lies mostly on the graphic designer. You need to work with a graphic designer that understands the story you are trying to tell through your jersey design. The interpretation of the story depends on the graphic designer’s understanding.

You need to be able to express your vision to your design team successfully.

In conclusion, to create a standout jersey, you need to work with a jersey designer that understands the whole concept behind a great jersey. No matter how well you express your vision, if the designer isn’t on board with you, it might not come out well.

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