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Tips on How to get the Best Sport Jersey Design

Jersey is one of the major features of a sports team. Sometimes, even though a team’s ranking is poor, and they are not winning a lot – a lovely jersey wins those fans that their performance on the field cannot win them. Fans argue and brag about almost everything in sport, which is why it is fair to give the fans a jersey to be proud of.

Choosing and designing the best of apparels when it comes to sport is not an easy task. The attempt to rank jerseys is also not an easy task. However, some features are key to having an above-average jersey design. In this blog post, we take you through some of the essential tips on having the best sports jersey design.

1. Go for simplicity

Yes, there are jersey designs that have come out good with complex designs. However, it is a big risk when you try to print a jersey using complex designs. In sport jersey designs, you can say ‘less is more’, as you must avoid obscuring the team’s name and logo on the jersey.

Case in point is the U.S National soccer team’s uniform, a simple white jersey without a cluster of designs, the logo of the Nation’s team sitting proud and noticeable on the front of the jersey. Also, the Adidas design for Arsenal football club of England home jersey is another example of how simplicity works fine.

2. Don’t try to mix too many colours

It is pretty straight forward when it comes to choosing colours for a sports jersey. One example of how horrible too much colour can be for a sports jersey design is the Huddersfield football club of England home jersey for 2019/2020 season. Don’t take a risk by mixing too many colours, one or two colours will come out fine for your sports jersey. Take a cue from Ajax football club of Netherland home jersey.

3. Have one defining feature

While trying to keep things simple, it is important not to throw away the chance of having that feature that will make the team’s jersey unique. The designer must achieve originality through this feature, without upsetting its simplicity. Some teams have been known for showing their heritage through their jersey design, designs for these type of teams require showcasing that feature that explains their heritage.

4. Don’t make too much change to what the fans are used to

People say change is constant. However, this might not be the case with sports jerseys, as the fans don’t welcome constant change every year. When designing a sports jersey, try to look at where the team is coming from, before making designs that will go in line with it.

Having a sports jersey design that will have fans licking their lips is a good thing. However, this cannot be achieved if you have a designer that doesn’t share your vision and understand the concept behind it. Whether you have a design in your head or a mockup on ground, or you want the designer to help you generate great jersey ideas, is the place to go. We offer the best designs you can get anywhere around.