quality jersey design

What makes a Quality Jersey Design?

When creating a jersey design, one has to take into account every detail and features they want in that jersey. If the jersey is for a competitive team, they have to consider the team’s options when making the jersey.

There are different methods of making jersey design available to the ordinary individual. And with the rise of printing companies all over the area, we have never found it more accessible. So what does making a jersey design entail?

Select the Jersey Colour

Before deciding to make any jersey design, one has to consider the colour of the team or whoever would wear the jersey. The jersey colour is as important as the print on the jersey material, so they have to select a print colour. If they are going to copy another team’s jersey pattern, it is best to match their colour combination.

While considering the colour combination of the design, also remember the colour of the print. For most jersey designs, we only need two colours except the jersey design style is of something with multiple colours. To choose the perfect colour combination, you can study a colour wheel chart to match each colour combination.

While studying the colour chart, also know that the most commonly used print colour for lettering is white, but if the preferred colour for the jersey is very light, one may consider using black print for the design.

Decide the lettering format

Asides selecting the jersey colour, you should also consider if the jersey would be lettered or not. If it is a personal jersey, it is not necessary to put a jersey name or number except it is a team jersey where everyone has numbers for easy recognition.  For a team jersey, the name and number of the player may either appear in front or behind depending on the kind of sport and the regulations guiding that sports.

Design the jersey logo and artwork

Designing the logo and cool font effects of the jersey will be next to follow. You have to decide if it is vital to put a logo or cool font effects or any special design effect on the jersey. Then with some inspiration, or by copying any design online, you can create your logos, font effects, and cool designs but you have to create a variation with a computer application such as Adobe products, Corel draw, or any CAD software or on a piece of notepad so the design can be solely yours and not a copycat.

Get help with the design

At this stage, one can either design the jersey their self if they are a skilled graphic designer or get someone with the skill to do it for them. One can make use of a custom design or use a fresh makeover just that a custom design would cost more and bring more work.

Submit design for proofing

At this point, the jersey is ready to be submitted to the printing house for proofing. This step verifies if the jersey is up to market standard and the standard of the printing house. This is the final stage before printing commences. The printing of the jersey relies on the work order of the printing house and the quantity needed, but it should take between a few days to a few weeks to complete the order.

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