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Why You Should Check Colours Before You Print Them

You love your creative design and the colour combination but when you print the shade of the colour comes lighter or darker or comes out in another form. This effect gives the jersey a wrong look and makes the work longer as you have to correct the error before printing one more time.

Why is the colour of the jersey important?

The colour of the jersey is of high importance because they make the colour of the logo and lettering stands out from the background colour of the jersey. So if the colour of your jersey is dark and the ink for lettering is light, the print will blend in because of the colour contrast of different colour shades.

Besides having different contrast in colours having similar colours also work and blends into the jersey. When you have two light colours for the jersey and the lettering, the print will blend due to the similarities in colour shades.

But not all combinations work especially for similar colours because when they are printed sometimes, they lack the contrast that brings out the full potential of your design.

How do we check colours before printing them?

Since we all know the reasons why we check for colours before printing, how do we then check for the colour blend? It’s straightforward, and as any graphical designer would advise you, get a mockup of your designs before printing.

The mockup design would present us with visual proof of the colour combination of our design. We get to see beforehand how the colour combination, design placement, and lettering location will look on the jersey before they get printed.

The mockup copy can be provided by your graphic designer or your printing house in Photoshop. Once this is done, whatever mistake that shows on mock can be altered easily by your designer. So the colour, location, size, and placement can be changed immediately you spot any need for correction.

If you’re not satisfied with the new result after the altercation, you can get your designer to change the background colour or try an existing contrast from the samples of other jerseys and see if the logo matches.

If you’re in the process of altering your design and the colours selected still don’t match, then you have to re-design the logo. The reason is to give it a perfect fitting and make it rhyme with the colour of the design of your jersey. Though it happens rarely, you can never rule it out for an option as you don’t want to print something that does not sit well with you.

If you do not like that option, you can change the colour of the design of your jersey in the mockup. This is way easier than to re-design your logo, and you also save yourself time and stress.

However, the only problem in changing colour is not to use the same colour for the jersey and its font. This will result in a blend in colour, and the design will not stand out, leaving you with an ordinary design.

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